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Anugerah Lagu Indie 2021 (ALI 2021) kicks off with the songs nomination ahead of the Grand Finals set to take center stage in October this year. Anugerah Lagu Indie aims to provide a platform to recognise independent (indie) songwriters, lyricists, musicians and singers in the Malaysian music industry for their efforts and most importantly, their music.

BACA : Tahniah Margosa Dinobatkan Sebagai Juara Anugerah Lagu Indie 2020 Dengan Lagu Penawar

Following the tremendous success of #ALI2020 and the reception received from the Malaysian Independent Music Community in 2020, ALI is back for the second year. The second stage of the song’s nomination begins today until 31st March 2021.

ALI2021 will be bigger and better than last year. So come join us and nominate your favourite songs,” said Loy Ekzan, Vice President of Operations & Growth of Rakita.

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anugerah lagu indie

Nomination Is Open For Anugerah Lagu Indie 2021

The nomination is open to all Malaysian indie songwriters, lyricists, musicians and singers. In order to qualify, the nominated songs must be produced within 14 August 2020 to 13 August 2021 timeframe, and free from the publishing bond with any recording companies.

50 best songs will be shortlisted from each nomination stage to gather the Top 200. Then, 30 best out of the 200 will be competing in the Semifinals to be held in September, which will be broadcasted live on Anugerah Lagu Indie’s YouTube channel. 12 songs out of the 30 songs will be performing live at the Anugerah Lagu Indie Grand Final in October on the same platform. ALI2021 is a collaborative work between Hashtag Media, Kamar Seni Studio, Angkasa, and Rakita.

For more information and the latest updates about Anugerah Lagu Indie, please visit Anugerah Lagu Indie website: www.anugerahlaguindie.com; YouTube: Anugerah Lagu Indie, Instagram: anugerahindie or Twitter: AnugerahIndie.

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